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Importance of Going to Church as a Christian

Earlier many people devoted their time to attend the church which was one of the best things that would bring them closer to the church and the word of God. But in the recent years, a lot of people are drifting apart from the right way of Christianity and getting further from the word since they are not taking their time to have their time with their creator and putting their faith to the almighty God in thanksgiving and put their trust to Him in helping them with their daily endeavors. Today Christians should see it as a place where they can go to fellowship with the other people and families who when you come together, becomes a church. Many programs are run in the church that helps people with their individual needs such as mid-week meetings, children programs, youth group gatherings, and many more services that in one way or the other tend to show us the right way to stay in the community and as per the teachings of the church. It’s the time for God people to change form their secular behavior so that they can return to the ways of the Lord who can guide them in their life by coming back to the church and making it a priority to attend the church services.

God has always been having the church idea and the most important plan for his people to bring them together. The church is God’s idea which makes it an important place to attend. The Bible narrates very carefully in some of its books that it is one of the ways that God’s work is being completed through the church. This can be viewed on how it is important to Him; the body of Christ, God’s building, the bride of Christ, and a lot of teachings that can be associated with what God had intends the church to be. This shows how the church should be among the priorities of Christianity.

The Bible as the word of God instructs us to be churchgoers. Many Bible verses have quoted how God wants His followers to be active members of attending churches. And some often tend to teach the importance of local involvement in the church. When we attend church this is where we are taught about the word of God and the word tends to show us the way to grow to the spiritual way of Christianity. The church ministry is supposed to help the Christians in learning the truth about the word of God and pulling them closer to the scriptures.

The church can also be seen as a good avenue where the Christians can use the spiritual gifts that they have to manifest the true power of God. As they attend the church they are supposed to utilize the God-given gifts to serve Him and the congregation in the church. God wanted the believers not to just attend the service but for them to use their gifts in helping and serving others in the church. To summarize, Christians need to change in their ways and take part in the involvement in the church.

Tips for The Average Joe

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