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Factors To Consider When Choosing Furniture Corner Guards
The safety of your child should be highly considered as a parent. As babies grow they get injuries from accidents that can be prevented. Furniture corner protectors are the best in preventing such accidents. You don’t have to worry about your child’s safety when they are walking around. They come in various designs, thickness and structure. There are many options of furniture styles which means you had identify the best to meet your needs. Below are tips to help you pick the right furniture corner protectors.
It is important for you to consider the sharp edges. For you to identify the challenges you child encounters, get on their level. Knowing the furniture that requires corner protectors will help narrow your search. Give consideration to the materials used to make the corner guards. The material used should not be latex to avoid your child getting an allergic reaction. Make sure you read the instructions so as not to go below the safety standards.
It is an advantage for you to buy furniture corner guards that you can use easily on different areas like on shelves, countertops, cabinets, tables, fish tanks and other surfaces. Go for protectors that are strong that will ensure your furniture is not damaged by the walls when moving. Furniture corner protectors that are recommended as the ones that stick to surfaces. Choose a brand that easily sticks on different surfaces such as plastic, steel, ceramic and wood. The corner guard should also not cause any damage to the furniture when being moved.
Go for baby proofing corner protectors that have a colour that matches with your decor. Colourless ones are preferred by most people. They should come with clear instructions. Most of them come with adhesive strips for applications that are easy to peel and stick. It means that during removal there will be no damage left.
Consider the number of corner guards that come with each package. They need to be enough for your needs. Satisfaction guarantee is a must when making your purchase. Research is important for you to know the brands that are there. Google for you to view the options that are available. Go for brands with top ratings.
Also, read online reviews need to know the experiences of other people Get recommendations from parents and friends with toddlers. You will know which brands you need to buy. Create a budget before choosing a specific brand. Different brands come in different prices. Generally furniture corner guards are not costly. Compare rates online for you to get an idea of how much you should spend. Go for a brand that comes at a reasonable rate and is the best quality.
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