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Yahoo! is one of the biggest players of internet. This is VIsual works with its spanish branch to imagine and produce interactive pieces for its marketing department, as this one about the EuroCup kits for Hugo Boss.
Univision is a latino tv-channnel based in Miami, FL. Is one of the most important tv channels in United States, and leader among its target. Apart of previous works like the political map of Congress and Senate, This is Visual has produced graphics for its news divisions (spanish and english), like the republican primaries polls graphics.


Sports newspaper
L'Equipe is one of the most important and respected sports newspapers in Europe, leading the market in France. This is Visual has produced viusal narratives to support internal areas of communication and helped with external presentations for clients.
Eurosport is the sports pan-european tv, with websites in more than ten countries and nine languages, being top-3 of the sports news sites in the main european markets. This is Visual produced a multlingual infographic with interactive comparisons of the F1 cars of the 2012 season, built in HTML and Javascript and working perfectly on tablets, ideal for touching and playing.


Science information
Materia is a newborn spanish science information website, founded by some of the most important science journalist of the country. This is Visual produce infographics for the site and have been in charge of the wireframes and design model, based on the branding by Diego Areso and Álvaro Valiño and with development by Francisco Domenech.


Holiday Rentals website
HomeAway is the world leading holiday rentals website. This is Visual has created visual marketing product for its United Kingdom division,as well for its spanish branch, TopRural.


Advertising agency
Shackleton Group is one of the most important advertising agencies of Spain, internationally awarded several times, with clients like Vodafone, MTV, Carrefour, Spanish National Lottery, NBC Universal, Diesel, Random House Mondadori, Siemens or Canal + among others. This is Visual produces infographics for projects of the agency and their clients: charts, tower graphics, informs, diagrams... and all kind of requirements.


Football Magazine
Panenka is a print soccer magazine for real lovers of that sport. The magazine tries to tell stories about soccer, is not about mistakes of referees, scores or the last star. Is about players with moustache, the romanticism, the history and the spirit behind the sport. This is Visual publishes a monthly double spread infographic on this magazine.
Fundación Civio


Open Data Foundation
Fundación Civio is a non-profit oragnization devoted to encourage the participation of citizens in the active citizenship though informative trasparency and open data. This is Visual collaborates with Civio and support it in several projects.
Basque Government


Government of the Basque Country Region
The Basque Country Government is completely devoted to open all the data produced by public institutions under its control. This is Visual participated in the Basque Country University summer course organized by the Basque Government on Open Government and Data Journalism.


Job searching website
InfoJobs is the leading jobsearching website in Spain. This is Visual has created interactive graphics for this company showing different data about jobsearchers profile by education, location, willingness to relocate...


Rural tourism online company
Top Rural is a HomeAway company (recently acquired) and one of the leading online tourism companies in Spain, focused in rural lodgings, with more than 11 million users. This is Visual has produced promotional infographics for them.


Iberoamerican Social Networks Summit
iRedes is an annual Iberoamerican Social Networks Summit taking place in Burgos (Spain). Although it is not focused in journalism, journalist are ones of the most active players on this event. This is Visual has created a Map of Social Networks in print, JPG and interactive formats for the Summit.
Universidad Europea de Madrid
The Universidad Europea de Madrid (European University of Madrid) is a private university in the capital of Spain. The programs include several masters degrees, including the Digital Journalism and Social Networks master. The subject 'Infographics and Digital Media' is included in the fifth module, 'New Narratives and Data Journalism'.