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The world in plain english 0

How would be the world map if we call the countries and city by the actual meaning of their names? Well, here you are! Here you can see the real names of the places. Did you know Spain means “Land of rabbits”? And New York is the “New land of the yew trees”? Place the [...]

The troublesome spanish royal family 0

Click on the red spots

The faces of the Champions League semifinals 1

Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC are the semifinalists of the Champions League, the most important football club competition. These are the average faces of each team, using all the photos of the rosters and overlaying them. The differences are clear: the hard germanic face of Bayern, without the slightest sign of [...]

Stupid experiments (I): All the crosslines in Madrid 0

NOTE: Actually, all the crosslines with traffic lights in Madrid… Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid Link: kml file  

My definition of infographics 1

This is my definition of infographics. Javier Errea, president of the SND-E asked me and other 99 infographic artists to do our own visual definition of infographics. All of them were part of an exhibition at the 20th edition of the Malofiej Awards.    My top3 favorites of the exhibition: Fernando G. Baptista | National [...]

Why I don’t like news rotators 0

Many news sites use a news image rotator:  A tool to show different articles at the same time in the same position, automatically (and sometimes randomly) changing. Some of them, place it on the top positions of their webs. Three examples: UNIVISION NOTICIAS ESPN NEW YORK POST I have a problem with this practice. If [...]

Welcome 0

Welcome to This is Visual Blog. This blog is part of This is Visual, the narratives company. Here we will showcase random crazy ideas, thing we do just for the sake of doing them, news about the company or whatever we think might fit here. We expect your comments. Follow us in Twitter, visit our [...]