The world in plain english

How would be the world map if we call the countries and city by the actual meaning of their names?
Well, here you are! Here you can see the real names of the places. Did you know Spain means “Land of rabbits”? And New York is the “New land of the yew trees”?

Place the cursor over the map to magnify the image. Drag right to increase window, drag left to decrease it. Or if you feel more comfortable… click the right button on the image and save it on your computer.


To make this map I’ve used the names of the countries used by their inhabitants (I use the actual meaning of Deutschland instead of Germany; and the actual meaning of Suomi, not Finland).

Of course, there are many theories about the etymology of the countries and cities, but I used each time the one I though was the most probable. Anyway, let you comment if you disagree.

Some curiosities:

- There are many countries which names mean Land of Free Men. So France, Kazahastan, Iran, Botswana and Thailand, mean the same thing.

- It happens exactly the same with People’s Land. In this case, Germany, Serbia, Mali, Uganda, and Russia share name.

- The most poetical name – Cambodia: Land of the enjoyers of beautiful things

- The worst name - Namibia: Where there is no thing.

-Funniest name - Antigua and Barbuda: Ancient and bearded


Sources: Online Etymological Dictionary, Wikipedia

The troublesome spanish royal family

Click on the red spots

The faces of the Champions League semifinals

Champions League semifinalists average faces

Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC are the semifinalists of the Champions League, the most important football club competition.

These are the average faces of each team, using all the photos of the rosters and overlaying them. The differences are clear: the hard germanic face of Bayern, without the slightest sign of a smile. The soft features of Barcelona, showing the youth of the team, more athletic ones for Real Madrid. And the evident presence of african players in Chelsea’s average visage.

Stupid experiments (I): All the crosslines in Madrid

NOTE: Actually, all the crosslines with traffic lights in Madrid…

Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Link: kml file


My definition of infographics

Infographics definition

This is my definition of infographics. Javier Errea, president of the SND-E asked me and other 99 infographic artists to do our own visual definition of infographics. All of them were part of an exhibition at the 20th edition of the Malofiej Awards


My top3 favorites of the exhibition:

Fernando G. Baptista | National Geographic

Fernando Baptista


Pablo Loscri | Clarín

Pablo Loscri


Manuela Mariño | La Voz de Galicia

Manuela Mariño

Why I don’t like news rotators

Many news sites use a news image rotator:  A tool to show different articles at the same time in the same position, automatically (and sometimes randomly) changing. Some of them, place it on the top positions of their webs.

Three examples:


Univision noticias




New York Post

I have a problem with this practice. If that’s the most important place of your web, is supposed to be reserved for the most important information. How can you show you’re considering something as the most relevant thing to read if it can be almost hidden sometimes?

With news rotators you are not giving top importance to five articles. You’re giving top importance to one (randomly sometimes) and the rest of the components are left to be offered just as small pills. So the criteria is left to the reader, but the ones left behind are not placed as second level instead of one, are left to be fifth-sixth level when not highlighted by the rotator.

News editor: don’t be scared of deciding which one of those news is the most important. That is your work. Do it. Pick one and give the importance it deserves. Save the others to be the second-third-fourth level of reading. But don’t try to play all the cards at the same time. Make your play.


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